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About us

Bitcoin Cash / BCC Price
291.73 USD
Bitcoin Cash / BCC Price
248.14 EUR
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21,477.43 BCH
Active Traders
4,585,764,210 EUR

What are we doing?

The world is changing and we are at the forefront of the innovative groundbreaking technical evolution of Blockchain

Scorpion Technology is a young and innovative Blockchain technology company. Our goal is to further develop the Blockchain community and to give people worldwide access to this innovative technology. Our know-how ensures a successful, simple, fast, secure and cost-effective connection to the Blockchain. Scorpion Technology is convinced that Blockchain and crypto currencies will change the world.


Scorpion Mining

We believe in Blockchain technology and we think you should too

The mining of crypto currencies is a part of the Blockchain technology and a part of our activity. A few lateral thinkers and innovative entrepreneurs got to know each other in 2017 and began a private researching crypto currencies. Always looking for the latest hardware technologies, always looking for innovative solutions and the most profitable settings - until they finally built a 1MW mining farm and within 10 months the investment had been reinstated. That was the birth of Scorpion Technology! Scorpion Mining has set itself the goal of becoming the most profitable mining company (Cloud Mining and Hosting) in the market and also offering lay people the opportunity to earn in the future. Be a part of Scorpion Mining too!

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Blockchain technology opens new doors to economic opportunities and prosperity
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Blockchain technology can drive new applications and improve innovation
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Blockchain technology will drive the further development of the “peer-to-peer” economy

Unsere Grundwerte

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We believe that Blockchain technology can and will change the world for the better, and we are determined to use this innovation to make life easier for people around the world. Scorpion Technology wants to do good, and that is a principle we will fight for.

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We want to become the leader in this field because we believe in introduction and implementing of new ideas. We not only shape the future - we think in advance and in a way that others have not even considered.

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No Blockchain company will succeed without hard work. Our team is dedicated to your success and we work around the clock and around the world to make sure that you or your company can take full advantage of this exciting new technology.

Our Brands

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