• Bitcoin -212.32
    $8,658.46 -2.39%
  • Ethereum -8.23
    $165.52 -4.74%
  • Ripple -0.01
    $0.2341 -3.78%
  • Bitcoin Cash / BCC -7.84
    $335.88 -2.28%
  • Litecoin -2.49
    $57.01 -4.18%
  • ZCash -2.19
    $51.46 -4.08%
  • Monero -3.87
    $65.14 -5.61%


Sales partner

Scorpion Mining is looking for strong personalities

In our effort to build quality-oriented customer relationships, Scorpion Mining offers all customers an exclusive "Sales Partner" program. This means that all our customers receive a commission if they recommend our products and thus a new working relationship emerges.

How does our "Sales Partner" program work?

Each customer receives 10% commission (split on three levels) from all Cloud Mining contracts concluded through his or his partner's recommendations. The commission is calculated on the price of the Cloud Mining contracts and is distributed once.

Not attractive enough yet? Scorpion Mining sets sales targets and rewards each sales partner who reaches the sales targets. In Scorpion Mining you do not get a cruise, car or other valuables.

With us you get gem. Your sales will receive a one-time bonus of 1%. The sales targets and the corresponding bonus can be seen in the graphic below.

How is commissions and the bonus paid? The bonus and the commissions can be found in your personal account at Scorpion Mining. Each month, on the 5th of the following month (if not on a weekend or public holiday), you will receive your commissions and bonus payments directly paid into your bank account.

With our "Sales Partner" program you have the opportunity to generate additional income in addition to your own mining. Scorpion Mining will not leave you alone. We give you presentations, banners, personal landing pages and many more tools to help you succeed. Because we be successful only through strong partners!

Marketing plan

Build an extra income with our attractive marketing plan

The attractive compensation system of our marketing plan allows you to earn extra income. Total 10% commissions are distributed in three levels and are calculated based on the prices of your partners' purchased Cloud Mining contracts. The personal affiliate link can be found in your account.

Once a month, our customers receive a commission statement. The commissions are automatically paid to the bank account on the 5th of the following month (if not on a weekend or public holiday) or alternatively via Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

IMPORTANT: With the earned commissions NO Cloud Mining contracts can be purchased directly!



2nd level


3rd level



Scorpion Mining belohnt Ihre aktivsten "Sales Partner" mit einem Umsatzbonus



1% Bonus

EUR 100.00



1% Bonus

EUR 600.00



1% Bonus

EUR 200.00



1% Bonus

EUR 700.00



1% Bonus

EUR 300.00



1% Bonus

EUR 800.00



1% Bonus

EUR 400.00



1% Bonus

EUR 900.00



1% Bonus

EUR 500.00



1% Bonus

EUR 1'000.00

Scorpion VIP

Congratulations! You have reached the Scorpion VIP status. From now on you receive a 2% sales bonus - for the first time when the sales target reaches EUR 110,000. As a Scorpion VIP user you not only get a higher sales bonus, but also many other benefits. Special promotions, events, Scorpion VIP newsletters, discounts on hardware and Cloud Mining contracts, and much more.

As usual, for customers with VIP status, the sales bonus will automatically be paid once a month to the bank account or alternatively via Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).


Ab €110'000

2% Bonus